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Rare Panasonic LCS G5 Photos!!!
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Author:  Papaginos [ Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Rare Panasonic LCS G5 Photos!!!

So I have quite a "few" G5s lying around and I opened one of our 2004 units (2.5GHz dual) and it has the Panasonic LCS which according to the PowerPC Archive and other webpages I read the Panasonic units are the rarest of the bunch.
PPC Archive article >> http://ppcarchive.dyniform.net/lcs-to-air-g5.html

I believe our 2.7Ghz model has the dual pump Delphi units (Ik one G5 does) even tho PPC Archive says thats the 2.5GHz models but I'll have to check that next time.

I thought it would be cool to show the Panasonic unit off since theres not a lot about it. This unit had only 6 months of power on time as reported by its HDD when I got it (its hardly been used since I got it). It was shelved and decommissioned when the 2006 Mac Pros came out.

Anyway Enojoy!!!!!

(if the photos didn't upload correctly I can re upload them I only have 700Kb per second upload (Yay DSL)

0227171846b_Film3.png [ 477.88 KiB | Viewed 501 times ]

0227171846_Film3.png [489.7 KiB]
Not downloaded yet

0227171845d_Film3.png [602.72 KiB]
Not downloaded yet

0227171845_Film3.png [ 540.81 KiB | Viewed 501 times ]

Author:  BDAqua [ Thu Mar 02, 2017 12:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rare Panasonic LCS G5 Photos!!!

Cool, & very nice that you're sharing the pics, thanks. :)

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