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 Post subject: Special request...
PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2015 11:56 am 
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I am a professional developer for over 30 years. I've written lots of tools for various computer systems.

I keep writing little tools that I or a friend or customer needs. And while I believe that these tools may be useful to a lot of other Mac users as well, I simply do not have the time to turn every little tool into a "proper" Mac application, which neat icons, a manual and so on.

If you enjoy helping others here in the forums, maybe you would like to take over that part from me?

Not only would it give you tools to help others, but you could also earn some money with them if you like: Either by simply asking for a donation for the tool I've written and you're supporting, or by even uploading it to the App Store (which would require you to provide me with the icons and texts, while I could then upload them if you are not able to do that yourself).

See my website to get an idea of what kind of tools I write: http://www.tempel.org/ and http://apps.tempel.org/

But I've written many more tools that I just never got to publishing for said reasons, e.g.:

• Fix locations of externally referenced Image files in a iPhoto / Aperture library (which is important if you want to copy the lib to another computer). I also considering adding a "move external images into the lib" command. I saw people stating that there may be problems when migrating from iPhoto to Photos with libs that have external items. I wonder if my tool could help there. I know there's also "iPhoto Library Manager" (I have a license myself) but that doesn't do this particular job so well like my tool does.

• Fix iTunes libraries by automatically finding moved external files, finding file duplicates and more (similar to Song Sergeant). This is working somewhat but needs a better UI (currently, it has all the functions but there is no guidance how to use them). It even works on Windows with iTunes (at least it did when I wrote it many years ago).

• Fix Alias files (by scanning a folder or entire disk for Alias files, and update them to point to the new location if the target has moved).

• Embed images into html files (so that one can have all images in the html file, no need for external pics any more).

• Recover ZIP files (useful if parts of a zip file got overwritten or otherwise damaged - there are plenty such tools for Windows but none for OSX AFAIK).

• Grab all email addresses from all mails from an IMAP server's folder.

• Various tools to compare file and database contents.

• EXIF search in pictures and selective replace of EXIF data.

• Create hardlinks or symlinks for all files in sub folders, collecting them all in one flat folder.

Most of the tools work somewhat, i.e. work well enough for the task I had in mind, but may need some polishing when it comes to error handling and such. Most of them are written in REALbasic / Xojo, and I'd have little problem sharing the project code with you if you're serious about it. I can made modifications as necessary, but would first want your judgement what's needed before I waste time on topics that no one needs.

If you're interested, let me know your skills and your ideas.

E.g, if you can relate to the usefulness of any of the above tools, I can tell you more about them, send you a copy and let you figure out if you find them useful, indeed.

Thomas (tempelmann@gmail.com)

I can do the programming if the other likes to do the support side and tell me what's needed and such. Maybe it even ends up in some apps that can be sold, and I'd be happy to share graciously with them, of course.

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