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Settings for Travel with my iPhone
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Author:  Mrs H [ Sun Mar 12, 2017 7:59 am ]
Post subject:  Settings for Travel with my iPhone

What settings should I have for out of country travel? both on the MacBook Pro and the new iPhone. I’ve broken this into 2 parts for the 2 devices. I’m sort of thinking in writing here as I inventory what I’ve done, please forgive my typical wordiness.

I know I got some advice on this earlier and I believe I have followed it all. Thanks for that earlier help!

But just to be sure, can you think of things I might have omitted or not known that should be done for security and ease of use (probably these 2 are mutually exclusive).

We will have our own rented portable WiFi with its own password so we are pretty secure in that regard both out and about and in the hotel, where we might use the room WiFi if we run out of our daily allowance

Currently at home the phone is in Airplane mode with WiFi on. Probably the way we’ll travel unless we need to turn on the GPS for Google maps or Apple maps (not sure where to set this - location services?) Japan tourists with their own phones can only use data services on cellular so no need to worry about incoming calls, but I have cellular off (Roaming off I think! - I’ve seen this option in settings but now I can’t find it and think it doesn’t show since I’ve turned off all cellular data. I've turned off Location services for almost everything else - but I suspect some of the Japanese apps will ask for it - if it's a map it need it if we we need it, but otherwise? Google translate shouldn't need it...

Which is safer in the airport - free WiFi in the business lounge, with users all with same Password, or cellular?

(I don’t know whether to give the airline the phone number along with our email address for alerts - I think they’ll only do one and we’ve always gone the email route and I’m loathe to change it at this point)

Some things I’ve done on the phone:

Notifications Off nothing to be notified about
Mail/Contacts/Calendars - I turned off Fetch new data for all of them
Siri can’t be accessed from lock screen
WiFi assist Off
Cellular data Off

I've turned off “send as SMS when iMessage is unavailable” but can I then receive SMS??? (our cheapy plan keeps me thinking about this but we do have 300 texts free.
For communicating with folks back home we assume we can use iMessage and FaceTime as we have from home over WiFi and it's FREE and no cellular is involved.
I also assume that texting if it's to something other than an iPhone doesn't work over WiFi - right?

I think I’ve turned on find my phone. It’s ON and before it said location services were disable, so I turned them on for the phone.

What else do I need to do?

Author:  MonkeyBoy [ Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Settings for Travel with my iPhone

I'm a neophyte when it comes to iPhones, I can set them up but I've never owned one for day to day usage so questions like these kind of stump me in terms of what's best to do.

In terms of public WiFi vs. Cellular, usually Cellular is safer, but if you've got a firewall turned on and are using https it should be quite safe. If you're on your phone then assume a firewall is enabled, but on a Mac you should explicitly look in the security system preference and turn it on.

With that SMS setting enabled you can still receive SMS texts if Cellular is enabled. I don't know if SMS works over WiFi. I've had issues receiving texts when I'm using WiFi calling but that may just be WiFi issues when I'm at the site with poor cell reception.

Author:  Mrs H [ Fri Jun 23, 2017 6:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Settings for Travel with my iPhone


iPhone worked like a charm while on the road. Especially Google Translate & Google Maps, and Safari to look up site info so we didn't have to carry ripped out pages from guide books as in the past, and also to look up train info when we changed plans on the fly, and - yes - the camera.

The rented portable wifi worked perfectly, though it was very slow to charge each night.

I valued the phone most on the day my camera died when we were on a day-trip hours away from the hotel and our spare cameras. I took about 150 photos with it though I was constantly aware of the battery and worried that it might give out before we finished shooting. Mr H had one of the big cameras so we were covered (and when we got back to the hotel I was able to transfer the photos to the MBP with Preview (as I did nightly anyway for the few shots I took and the movies too) and then I returned to using a back-up big camera) I used the phone's camera at meals to take photos of gorgeous Japanese food presentation, especially at dinner when I never had the big camera with me. Mr H complained that he never got hot meal anymore because I was dicking around taking food photos.

I didn't backup to iCloud on the road nor did I do the update about which I was frequently nagged - not things I want to do whilst traveling. More on both of these in another thread soon to be posted. (Bet you can't wait :roll: )

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